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Shane Meadows hoping to direct Stone Roses documentary

By | Published on Friday 28 October 2011

The Stone Roses

Shane Meadows is hoping to direct a documentary following The Stone Roses as they unite for the first time in fifteen years next year. Best known for directing stories (albeit fictional ones) where tense and complicated relationships occasionally result in violence, Meadows seems the perfect man for the job.

Though, while Meadows has already done some filming that may be used for the documentary, the film project is not yet 100% confirmed. The director said via Twitter: “We filmed the press conference [announcing the reunion] last week but until we finish [post-production] on ‘This Is England 88’ [a TV spin-off from Meadow’s film ‘This Is England] in [December] nothing will be finalised. We just jumped at chance to film the announcement. Exciting though!”