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Sharon Osbourne’s wedding ring turns up on Crimewatch

By | Published on Friday 15 July 2011

Sharon Osbourne

All’s well that ends well, eh? Sharon Osbourne’s £200,000 ten carat Tiffany wedding ring has turned up. It was stolen when masked men gained entry to the Osbourne’s Buckinghamshire home in 2004, despite being tackled by Ozzy as they left. A £100,000 reward was offered for its return at the time.

The ring appeared on the latest edition of ‘Crimewatch’ on BBC One, which was broadcast on Tuesday. A fan recognised it and sent a link to the ‘Crimewatch’ website to Kelly Osbourne via Twitter. Kelly sent the link to her mother who, upon seeing the picture, “cried for joy” when she recognised it.

Kelly later said: “Thank you, ‘Crimewatch’. My mum is over the moon”. So, that’s nice.