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Shazam announces further integration with Rdio in iOS upgrade

By | Published on Tuesday 10 December 2013


The latest upgrade to Shazam’s iOS app steps up the “I wonder what that is” technology’s integration with streaming service Rdio.

Shazam users who discover the identity of songs via the app can already click through to buy the track from iTunes or listen to it on services like Spotify and YouTube. But once a user connects the updated app to their Rdio account anything they ‘tag’ using the technology will automatically add itself to a special playlist within the streaming platform.

Which makes sense, given that the Shazam user will already be listening to a track at the point of tagging, so will want to listen on Rdio at a later date, rather than straight away.

Confirming the tie up, Shazam Chief Product Officer, Daniel Danker told CMU: “Streaming services have become a part of music lovers’ everyday lives. Simplicity has always been at the heart of the Shazam experience, and, today, Shazam builds on that simplicity by making it effortless for Rdio users to listen to all their Shazamed songs”.

Rdio’s VP Of Product Chris Becherer added: “Integration with Shazam’s service is a great fit that leverages both our strengths. Shazam is the best way to discover new music when people are out at clubs, cafes and restaurants. This update makes it easy for Rdio users to relive an amazing night out, song for song, through the Rdio app”.