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Shazam For Brands is a thing now

By | Published on Thursday 21 April 2016

Shazam For Brands

Shazam has launched Shazam For Brands, a new thing that will let people wave their phone at stuff they’ve bought and then tweet about it. This is the future you wanted, right?

According to the company, with this latest development in the advertiser side of the Shazam business “brands can now leverage data-driven storytelling to produce their own content”. Woah guys, don’t make it sound like too much fun. The first airing of the new technology recently featured in Coca-Cola’s snappily-titled ‘Share A Coke And A Song’ campaign. Pointing your phone at “Shazam-enabled bottles” allowed people to record lip sync videos for various songs and then tweet them. For some reason.

“We are launching Shazam For Brands because we believe Shazam is uniquely positioned to become the default platform for connecting the mobile world with the real world”, says Shazam’s Chief Revenue Officer Greg Glenday. “This began with music identification, and has allowed us to be the first to occupy invaluable real estate on smartphones around the world. Today’s launch introduces new technology and content tools for brands to utilise data and engagement in a way defined by the very audiences they seek”.

I liked Shazam a lot more when you had to ring it up and it cost £1.50 a pop. There was none of this talk of ‘smartphone real estate’ and ‘audience-defined engagement’ back then. Stupid internet, ruining everything again.