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Shazam launches desktop software for Mac users

By | Published on Friday 1 August 2014


Shazam yesterday launched a desktop version of its music identification software for Apple Mac computers.

Available from the Apple App Store, the program runs in the background monitoring the sounds around you, seeking music, TV shows and adverts it thinks you might like to know about without you having to find your phone or use your eyes to work out what it is.

But, anyway, Shazam’s Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker said of this new thing: “Shazam on mobile instantaneously answers fans’ questions about what’s playing around them, at the touch of a button. The magic of Shazam for Mac, is that it anticipates and answers these questions before they’re even asked”.

Although the first track it identified for me it managed to get wrong, it’s not building up a nice list of things I’ve listened to. Though I’m not sure identifying music you already know is really the best application of this. People who work on laptops in coffee shops might find it particularly useful, if only so they know what to complain about.