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Sia readying next solo album

By | Published on Thursday 19 February 2015


Sia has decided that she’s going to release another album as a popstar in her own right. Even if that means doing the whole performing with her face hidden thing for a bit longer.

In a new interview with the NME, she says that her sixth solo album, ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’, released last year, was a contractual obligation to EMI Music Publishing. She had been, she says, quite happy with her new career writing songs for other artists, which had really taken off in the six years since her previous album. It was partly due to her reluctance to release another record that she decided to hide her face while promoting it, in a bid to avoid becoming famous. Or at least having a famous face.

“Basically, I put this out to get out of my publishing deal”, she said. “I was planning to be a pop song writer for other artists. But my publishing deal was as an artist so I had to put one more album out. I didn’t want to get famous so I kept all the songs I wanted and had a lot of fun making it”.

But having remembered that making albums is actually quite fun, she’s now going to have another crack at it. And she’s already got another album in the bag, which she says will be “much more pop” compared to ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’.

“I’m calling it ‘This Is Acting’ because they are songs I was writing for other people”, she explained. “So I didn’t go in thinking ‘this is something I would say’. It’s more like play-acting. It’s fun”.