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Sigur Rós launch ambient playlist

By | Published on Wednesday 9 May 2018

Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi and long-term artistic collaborators Alex Somers and Paul Corley have released the first part of an ambient playlist project called ‘Liminal’. The series is set to featuring reworkings of existing Sigur Rós material, plus new music from the trio and other artists associated with the group.

The release follows two ‘soundbath’ performances in Los Angeles and Reykjavík, of which Jónsi says: “Sigur Rós played live a lot during the last two years. And inevitably you end up playing the rockier, more focussed songs, which means that loads of other stuff gets ignored. ‘Liminal’ tries to do something different”.

He goes on: “It’s just me, Paul and Alex in a dark room manipulating and mucking around with recordings, FX and vocals. We play and sing sparsely and focus on the atmosphere coming together. There’s a sound-reactive light sculpture and everyone can sit or lie down. It’s all very cosy and people seem to like it”.

Of the playlist, Somers adds: “‘Liminal’ is a musical thread that binds us together; the sounds that we all found inside of ourselves from a pretty young age: a music that is patient. Sounds unfold in front of you and momentarily offer to show the world from a different angle”.

Check out the first hour of music from the project here.