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Singapore promoter begins offering refunds for Guns N Roses ‘cashless’ payments system

By | Published on Thursday 16 March 2017

Guns N Roses

Singapore promoter LAMC Productions has launched a new website for attendees of last month’s logistically impaired Guns N Roses show to reclaim unspent credits on its RFID wristbands.

As previously reported, the show at the Changi Exhibition Centre had numerous problems, which LAMC director Ross Knudson has readily admitted. One issue was a fairly last minute decision to make the site cashless, asking ticketholders to pre-pay money onto RFID wristbands in order to buy food and drink on site. This proved problematic when long queues meant some people couldn’t get to stalls to spend their wristband credits, plus some of the bars and food concessions ran out of stock.

There were then issues with ticket holders getting unpaid wristband credit back. The delay in refunds was caused by a dispute between LAMC and RFID provider Sandpiper Digital Payments Asia, both of whom thought the other should handle it.

Earlier this month, LAMC complained: “Sandpiper has transferred to LAMC the cash collected from onsite top-ups during the event in one lump sum. However, Sandpiper has not provided any concert-goer details or a breakdown of the lump sum received in cash. As a result, LAMC, at this stage, does not know who to return the monies to”.

Although LAMC is now going ahead with returning unspent wristband monies, it doesn’t appear that the dispute has been entirely resolved, even if the promoter is now seemingly in a position to start handing back money to punters.

Sandpiper told IQ in a statement: “[We have had] multiple issues in working with the organiser, especially over the past two weeks. Despite proposing options to them, LAMC [could not] decide on how they can best provide their customers with refunds”.

It added: “At this date, the organiser is in full possession of the collected funds, and sales records, so they can best determine how to manage their customer refunds. We therefore wish to inform the public that our contractual duties have been fulfilled and all claims should be directed to LAMC Productions Pte Ltd only”.

The website set up for processing refunds requires users to agree to a number of terms and conditions. This includes the transfer of funds and personal data between the two companies, despite this apparently having already taken place.

LAMC is also reserving the right to launch legal action against Sandpiper – something it has threatened to do several times during this process.