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Single review: Martyn – Masks/Viper (Brainfeeder)

By | Published on Thursday 1 September 2011


Dutchman Martijn Deijkers has been bolting techno to dubstep for a while, but he defies to be pigeonholed and now moves more house-ward. He gives us a taste of his new album with this single, released on Flying Lotus’s LA-based label Brainfeeder.

It’s a three tracker (well, a two tracker really, but track two appears in two guises). Lead track ‘Waves’ is on a 4/4 platform, and thumps along nicely with a solid, hard beat. It feels like it’s a little influenced by early UKG at times, though maintains a Detroit tech aspect nevertheless. A solid production.

It’s ‘Viper’ that appears twice. The Ghost People edit is a beatless affair. Using a dark deep synth chord as its bassline, it’s pretty experimental. The London Arches edit, meanwhile, is more dancefloor orientated, With a broken beat, it builds on the dark feel with its mechanoid synths and precision programming, much akin to Colin Lindo’s beatsy Nubian Mindz futurescapes.

Going by these tracks, I have to say I’m really rather looking forward to the full album now. Martyn is definitely one to watch. PV