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Siri/Shazam tie-up announced at Apple’s WWDC

By | Published on Tuesday 3 June 2014


So, after all the Beats excitement last week, Apple’s big bucks buy wasn’t even mentioned as the IT giant’s top geezer Tim Cook took to the stage yesterday to keynote at his company’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

The main music-relevant announcement was that Shazam’s technology will be incorporated into the iOS Siri application, so that Siri will be able to tell you want song you’re listening to and where you can buy it from (hint: iTunes).

Given Apple’s Beats purchase, how about we start a conspiracy theory about this alliance being behind Shazam’s rather bizarre recent decision to stop linking directly to tunes on Spotify via its own app in some countries? Of course, that happened just as Shazam started linking through to Deezer, and its app still links to Rdio, both Beats Music competitors, so it’s a rubbish conspiracy theory. But most conspiracy theories are rubbish.

With the Beats deal not part of Cook’s official spiel at WWDC, quite a lot of attention has fallen on moves Apple are making in the mHealth space, which at least explains the recent recruitment of Dr Dre.