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SiriusXM shows to deliver highlights podcasts to Pandora

By | Published on Wednesday 17 April 2019


American satellite radio firm SiriusXM has announced that it is adding a selection of its shows to Pandora and calling them podcasts. Because we all love all things podcasts. It means users of the streaming service will now get access to highlights of shows fronted by Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart, Jenny McCarthy, Andy Cohen and more.

“We’re excited that some of our most popular talk shows are now being made available to Pandora users”, says Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s Chief Content Officer. “This will be a great opportunity for new audiences to discover these SiriusXM shows, while providing Pandora with great programming, as we continue to collaborate on content opportunities for both platforms”.

This tie-up comes after Pandora was fully acquired by SiriusXM earlier this year, which resulted in the management teams of both companies being merged. Pandora’s podcast delivery technology mimics its music platform, in that it aims to play listeners podcasts it thinks they will be interested in based on past usage. Presumably it’s hoped that, if this works, people will go from listening to the highlight podcasts on Pandora to listening to the full shows on SiriusXM.