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Skrillex cancels “near and dear” Canadian train ride

By | Published on Friday 22 March 2013

Full Flex Express

Skrillex has gone and stopped his Full Flex Express, the party train-ride he was meant to be taking (and making noise on) across Canada in July, dead in its tracks. Aka, he’s cancelled it. But why, why has he done this?

I’ll allow him to explain (via Facebook): “It is with huge disappointment that we have to announce the Full Flex Express will not be happening in 2013. During the past four months we lost the train we had booked, found a new one, and then realised the cost associated with using it would put us at a huge, huge loss”.

Adding that he’d looked at “every option” to make his Full Flex dream a reality, he ends with: “The train is near and dear to my heart, and we have every intention of bringing it back in a massive way in 2014 (and for many years after), so please understand that we do this for you, and this is just an unfortunate convergence of circumstances”.

In light of this calamity, and since tickets to the Skrill-Express (missed a trick there, didn’t he) had already gone on sale, he says fratstep fans are guaranteed their cash back at point of purchase.