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Sky Ferreira sends SOS to Soundcloud via Instagram 

By | Published on Tuesday 31 July 2018

Sky Ferreira sent out an SOS to Soundcloud this weekend, claiming that she had been locked out of her profile on the platform and needed help getting back in. And if you’re thinking Ms Ferreira should do a better job of managing her logins and passwords, according to the musician the lock-out was the fault of her label, who changed the passwords and didn’t tell her what the new login info was.

In a post on Instagram, a frustrated Ferreira said that she was forced to let her label control her Soundcloud presence following the release of debut album ‘Night Time, My Time’ in 2013. She doesn’t name the label she’s aggrieved with, though Universal’s Capitol released that record. Either way, while in control of the page this label apparently changed all the account gubbins and, now that Ferreira wanted to get back in there to post some new music, the person who did the changing was nowhere to be found.

Her Instagram-delivered call for help stated: “I can’t access my own account that I started and uploaded everything myself … I was forced/told I had no choice to hand over my account information to my label after my album came out. They gave me the wrong information and changed it so I can no longer access it. The person who changed the login is unreachable and the contact no longer exist. I need it back ASAP”.

Appealing to Soundcloud’s ‘we’re the creator’s friend’ mantra, she concluded: “I earned the hundreds of thousands of people that follow the account without my label and have never had help for anything on social media or whatever. I think of Soundcloud as the website that allows musicians to have freedom. Please help xx”.

But hey everybody, there’s a happy ended here. “Thanks to my fans and Soundcloud for helping me get my login back so quickly” she declared yesterday, and on her Soundcloud page too, proving this happy ending was definitely for real. She celebrated by posting a new track on that SoundCloud page, with more new music promised. This follows indications that the long-awaited follow up to ‘Night Time, My Time’ might finally be released this year.