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Slash tackled on stage in Milan

By | Published on Monday 14 June 2010

Slash was forced to stop a show in Milan last week when a fan climbed onstage and tried to knock him to the ground with a rugby tackle. The former Guns N Roses guitarist was kicking off a rendition of ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ when the on-stage attack took place.

However, unlike Noel Gallagher when he was tackled on stage at the Canadian V Festival in 2008, Slash wasn’t hurt by the onstage attack, though his guitar wasn’t so lucky. Adopting the show must go on ethos, Slash got back up after being knocked to the ground and went to resume his guitar playing, only to find the neck of his guitar had been snapped. Fortunately a replacement was on hand.

After the gig, Slash played down the incident, telling reporters: “It was a rowdy crowd, for sure, but amazing. The guy who nailed me didn’t take me down but he busted my poor guitar. Ah well… it was a kick-ass rock show”.