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Slayer rescue cold little kitten

By | Published on Tuesday 9 December 2014


I think this story is only really of note if you happen to automatically think of everyone involved in metal as being loud, angry, unruly, animal-slaughtering maniacs. Actually, a few notable individuals aside, metal-heads usually do a fine job of unleashing all their aggression on stage, and are frequently all laid back and lovely once the party’s over.

Anyway, Slayer rescued an ickle little kitten earlier this week. Well, one of their crew did. But it happened after a bunch of the band’s team had dined with guitarist Kerry King at his favourite steakhouse in a rather chilly Indianapolis.

Says Slayer’s press rep: “Afterwards, the assistant tour manager, Jess [Cortese] saw a homeless man on the street who offered up this little kitten for a dollar. The kitten apparently was freezing so Jess took it, slept with her in her bunk on the bus and went to the venue with her today, hanging out. One of the runners knew someone who wanted a kitten, so the little guy now has a new home where he or she currently is”.

Apparently the kitten’s new owner has named the animal Gypsy and has posted a photo on Facebook. So that’s all lovely isn’t it? Next week, Slipknot mend a poorly robin’s broken wing. What do you mean “quiet news day”? I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.