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Slayer’s Tom Araya thinks you’re a crybaby (assuming you’re American, but probably otherwise too)

By | Published on Wednesday 19 April 2017


They say that more right-leaning political debate can often lack nuance, but Slayer’s Tom Araya just said that “America has become a nation of crybabies”, so that’s that debunked. I’m joking, Tom Araya is a bit cagey about whether he leans right or left.

Speaking to Chilean radio station Futuro 88.9fm, Araya commented on a recent mild controversy when he posted a Photoshopped image of Slayer featuring Donald Trump on the band’s social media pages. Some people don’t like Donald Trump, it turns out. Sad.

“That’s what America has become”, said Araya. “It’s become a bunch of people that, because they didn’t get their way, they’re mad. I shared a picture that I thought was funny. They can’t even joke. They can’t even laugh at themselves. They can’t even have fun. And that just is amazing that it’s come to that. We’re a nation of crybabies”.

He added: “I knew that some people wouldn’t like it. You have to do that, though, you know what I mean? I’m in Slayer, and being in Slayer, sometimes you do stuff like that just to piss people off”.

He’s right, and you totally took that bait. That’s just like you. If you get that angry about a picture of Donald Trump, just imagine how you’ll feel when you find out he’s a real person.