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Sleaford Mods frontman suspended by Labour Party

By | Published on Wednesday 14 September 2016

Sleaford Mods

The Labour Party continues to show its respect for the democratic process by blocking any members who have ever shown any support for Jeremy Corbyn from voting in its upcoming leadership election. One such person is Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson, who, as with most things, isn’t very happy about it.

“Suspended from Labour – funny that”, he tweeted. “Happily take my fuckin money for a fuckin year. Fuck politics. Fuck you Labour”.

Asked what he had been suspended for, he said that the reason he was given was “online abuse”. Though exactly what that entails is unclear.

After it was suggested that he should appeal to Corbyn himself, as a relatively high profile supporter of the Labour leader, Williamson replied: “Lost interest totally. Weak attempts at culling the vote. Disgusting”.

Good to see UK politics is still totally fucked. On with your day.