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Sleep Party People to release new album this week

By | Published on Tuesday 18 September 2018

Sleep Party People

Sleep Party People will release new album ‘Lingering Part II’ later this month. The fifth studio album for musician Brian Batz under this alias, it is the follow-up to last year’s ‘Lingering’.

“To me the two albums have a similar sonic universe and revolve around the same lyrical themes, but are still each their own albums”, says Batz. “After the release of ‘Lingering’, I went back to work on ‘Lingering Part II”, where I modified the structures and sounds a bit, giving them makeovers with new mixes and mastering. To make the album more coherent I added a few new songs”.

“The lyrical content of the album is characterised by being written in a certain period of my life”, he continues. “I reflect a lot on the present and not so much on the past. The album is mostly about personal matters and things that are close to my heart”.

The album will be released this Friday. Listen to new single, ‘Outcast Gatherings’, here: