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Slipknot camel shit stink fest hits a snag

By | Published on Thursday 16 October 2014


Slipknot’s plan to make the site of their upcoming Knotfest festival in California stink of camel excrement has hit a snag. Local authorities have told the band that the method that they’ve come up with for disseminating the poo smell is no good. Illegal, in fact.

Excitedly explaining the idea earlier this month, Shaun Crahan of the band told Rolling Stone that the plan was to ensure that the festival – and therefore the band – had a distinct smell, which would stay in fans’ memories for them to revisit in their minds at a later date. They’d always be transported back to that time when they had a ton of fun in a field. Or at least that time they couldn’t get the smell of camel crap out of their clothes.

“You can’t huff it, but it’s got this smell”, explained Crahan. “And it’s not necessarily the most comfortable thing, but it’s not necessarily the worst thing”.

The plan had apparently been to mix the shit with oil and then burn it in big metal drums. But under Californian law, burning oil (regardless of whether it’s in a big metal drum and/or mixed with camel poop) is against the law. Also, those pesky authorities thought that intentionally making a large area smell bad might be a public nuisance.

The dream isn’t dead just yet though. According to TMZ, the band are exploring alternative ways to disperse that dromedary dung smell.