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Slipknot percussionist confirms new album, remembers Paul Gray

By | Published on Friday 14 October 2011


Slipknot’s Sean ‘Clown’ Crahan has confirmed that the band are ready to start work on a new album, albeit in the not-so-near future. “There’s plans [to make another record] but that’s a way off”, he told Kerrang, “No one will push it, because it’s going to be a big one. It’ll be closer to ‘Iowa’, but it’ll be sadder and crazier. And really thought provoking, it could even be conceptual”.

Speaking in the wake of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray’s untimely death from an accidental overdose last year, he said: “We’re still taking some time to reflect on our brother. Everybody needs to be collecting thoughts so they can get it out and no one has really had time to collect thoughts yet. But we’re the fucking ‘Knot. And when we come out, you’ll know your band is done”.

He continued: “If we jumped right in, it wouldn’t be about the absence. It would be about the rest of us. We were the nine, but there’s a piece missing. We should allow people to pay their respects before we come out with new music. We should do this right”.

Slipknot are slated to release a tenth anniversary edition of their aforementioned 2001 LP ‘Iowa’ on 31 Oct.