Slipknot preparing greatest hits release and… something else

By | Published on Thursday 31 May 2012


Slipknot posted a video on their website earlier this week featuring various clips of the band’s DJ Sid Wilson getting up to various antics. Soundtracked by remixes of Slipknot songs ‘Surfacing’ and ‘People = Shit’, the only actual information provided by the video is the name ‘Antennas To Hell’ and the date 17 Jul 2012.

So, nice and mysterious. Except the band’s frontman Corey Taylor later tweeted: “I believe 17 Jul is when the Slipknot greatest hits album drops”. He may not be entirely sure, but that’s good enough for us. He also revealed that the band are working on new demos, though stressed that this was not in preparation for a new album as yet.

More pressing for Taylor, in fact, is the matter of something called HoGaB, which he keeps referring to via the social network. By my calculations he’s due to announce what that is on 9 Jun. So that’s fun.

In other Slipknot news, percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan is publishing a book of photographs called ‘The Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey’ featuring a foreword by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich in which he announces that “this book is everything that art should be”. High praise from Mr Ulrich there. Pre-order it here.

And watch that ‘Antennas To Hell’ video here: