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Slipknot to open haunted houses

By | Published on Thursday 3 September 2015


Noted enemies of gimmicks Slipknot have announced the launch of their own theme park. For a full month this autumn, the band will take over Sacramento’s Scream Park with their own set of three haunted houses. They are, says the bands Shaun Crahan, “absolutely sickening”.

Yes, people, that’s three opportunities to delve inside the minds of the members of Slipknot. See behind the masks, perhaps. Or in front of the masks. In front, I guess. If you were behind the masks then technically you’d be one of the people doing the scaring. Basically, there are some buildings, and if you go into them, then it will be dark and some actors will shake about in your face and stuff.

Here are some photos, and here’s a trailer video thing.