Smash Hits special to honour Lady Gaga

By | Published on Wednesday 1 December 2010

Want a special edition of Smash Hits dedicated to the late Lady Gaga? Well, you’ll have to sort out the killing bit for yourself, but we can help you with the Smash Hits special edition. Bauer Media has announced it is once again pulling the only slightly forgotten pop mag brand (what do you mean there’s still a TV and radio station, what’s TV?) out of its rusty dustbin once more. Following previous one off revivals of Smash Hits in honour of Michael Jackson and Take That, the Gaga issue is out today. 

Says Bauer man Stuart Williams: “Lady Gaga has set the pop agenda over the last two years. Her album is still selling at a remarkable rate and she brings her Monster Ball tour back to the UK in December. And if the pop industry’s cashing in so big on the Gaga, why shouldn’t we? Bring in the loot Gaga, we need a new photocopier”. Well, he said some of that.