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Snapchat adds content channel

By | Published on Wednesday 28 January 2015


The Snapchatters added a new element to their app yesterday called Discover that pulls content from various partners into the service.

It’s seemingly part of the popular picture and video messaging app’s plan to diversify, in no small part to drive new revenues via the “gorgeous advertising” which the tech company promises will appear in the Discover channel.

For content owners it provides an opportunity to tap into Snapchat’s large network of users (especially ‘The Kids’). While some have dabbled with using Snapchat as a marketing channel before, doing so hasn’t been as straightforward as with many other social network type flim flams.

Amongst the partners providing content at launch are Vice, Comedy Central, Yahoo!, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan and the Daily Mail, which is certainly eclectic. On the music side the first partner is Warner Music, which seems to have been transformed from the major that says “nooooooooooooo!” to all things new and digital into the major that says “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!” to everything.

Though who cares about all those has-beens, I’m going to crack open my Snapchat app and seek out all that “gorgeous advertising”. It’s the future, don’t you know.