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Snoop discusses criticism by Bunny Wailer

By | Published on Friday 26 April 2013

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, sorry Lion, or Dogg… one of the two, has commented on claims made by Bunny Wailer earlier this year that the rapper turned reggae star has engaged in “outright fraudulent use of the Rastafari Community’s personalities and symbolism” to promote his new album, ‘Reincarnation’, adding that Snoop was promoting the idea that “smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is … what defines the Rastafari indigenous culture”.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Snoop said that their falling out was “a miscommunication”, noting that the last time he saw Wailer, as shown in his documentary about recording the album in Jamaica, “it was all love”.

Wailer also claimed that Snoop had made and broken “contractual, moral and verbal commitments” to the Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council, an organisation that represents various churches within the Rastfarian religion. Responding to this, Snoop said: “To me, a lot of these guys from back in the days have been done wrong, and they think younger artists owe them, because we’ve been paid and treated right. It’s not my fault if you haven’t been paid. I just met you”.

Despite starting out by saying that “loving energy is the only way I can match his negative energy”, he did admit that he’d removed Wailer’s contributions from the album after hearing that the musician was speaking out against him – only leaving him in the film in order “to show his positivity against his negativity”.

Snoop continued: “He’s speaking and the album isn’t out. That gave me fair warning to get this motherfucker off my shit. I have no insight what turned him. The people I visited at the Nyabinghi Temple aren’t speaking negative on me. They’re real Rastas. I went in there and filmed them, showed their whole get-down. Nobody did that before. If anyone, they should have complained – ‘He exploited us!’ Why aren’t they saying that? To me, they have the most gripe to make. How did I exploit Bunny? I gave you a chance to be in my movie. My movie gonna be the shit with or without you. I’m gonna be the shit with or without you. I’m Snoop Dogg. Relevant right now”.

Aha! So he is still called Snoop Dogg. That’s that cleared up then.