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Social media dominates in night-time event discovery, research finds

By | Published on Thursday 24 March 2016


Social media is the most important channel for marketing night-time events, research by Eventbrite has found.

The ticketing platform surveyed 2500 people in the UK and Ireland and found that 60% generally heard about events they went on to attend via social media. 32% said they discovered events via people they follow on social platforms, while 28% cited social media advertising.

The closest contender for event discovery was mailing lists, with 25% of people saying that this was where they found out about nights out. 13% from venue lists, 9% from ticketing companies, and 3% from other unspecified lists. After that, print media and newspapers account for 23% of discovery, while billboards and posters make up 15%. Which, you’re right, does add up to 125%, but I think people could choose more than one option.

Says Eventbrite Marketing Director Marino Fresch: “While we’ve long known about the importance of social media in event creation and marketing, we’re impressed by its sheer dominance over other media when it comes to people discovering nightlife events – vastly beating mailing lists, venue and listings websites, and traditional print media”.

He continued: “As bars, clubs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres explore more and more creative and inventive ways to increase their night-time trade, it’s clear that combining social assets with word of mouth is the most powerful approach. Email marketing remains a key tool, but it has to be used as part of an integrated approach”.

Other things the study found out include that, across the UK, under 30s go out more than anyone else. Which is perhaps unsurprising. However, in London its 30-44 year olds who get out and about most at night.

Another trend London bucks is the reason for going out. People in the UK generally go out to “spend time with friends”, while Londoners go out “to experience something new”. But, as everyone knows, no one in London has any friends. The new experience they’re all looking for is enjoying the company of another human. One day, guys. One day.