Sony gets restraining order against man after death threats

By | Published on Tuesday 13 September 2011

Sony Music

Sony Music in the US has obtained a temporary restraining order against a man who has made “deranged and escalating” threats against the record company, which he claims has released records about him without his permission.

According to reports, Jeff Choi has sent hundreds of threatening emails and made dozens of angry phone calls to Sony, and on one occasion showed up at their LA offices, with regards to his claims. The major applied for the restraining order after Choi threatened to shoot dead two Sony execs, industry veteran Clive Davis and CFO Kevin Kelleher, if they didn’t pay him $800,000 in damages. He has also made threats against singer Ne-Yo, despite him being signed to Universal.

Sony initially contacted the FBI about the man, who investigated and took Choi into custody for psychiatric evaluation back in August. He was subsequently taken to a mental health facility, where he continued to bombard Sony with phone calls, resulting in the restraining order, which will stand to the end of the month when the music firm can reapply for it to stay in place.

The FBI are now reportedly planning to prosecute Choi over the threats.