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Sony Music signs up with Dubset

By | Published on Wednesday 23 August 2017


Dubset, the company whose technology identifies what songs and tracks appear in DJ mixes, with the aim of then licensing each component of each mix so that they can be legitimately distributed via streaming platforms, has announced a deal with Sony Music.

Dubset last year announced alliances with both Spotify and Apple Music, which are keen to carry copyright cleared mixes and remixes on their respective streaming platforms. It has also been liaising with potential label and publisher partners which see the benefit of their tracks and songs featuring in streamed mixes, where royalties have to be shared between various rights owners, but being in the mix can get music to new audiences.

Sony Music is the first major record company to sign up with Dubset. Through the deal, the major will now have access to the tech firm’s MixBANK Rights Management Platform and Cross Clearance Network, via which it can manage any tracks it controls that feature in DJ mixes being distributed by the Dubset company.

“This is a watershed moment for Dubset”, reckons the firm’s CEO Stephen White, who adds that the Sony alliance “demonstrates how critical the MixBANK tool and programs are proving to be with rights holders”.

Adds White: “Hundreds of millions of music fans are streaming DJ and remix content, and labels, publishers, and performance societies need robust solutions for managing the use of their catalogues within this massive category of under-monetised music. We are honoured that Sony Music has selected Dubset to help identify and unlock the value in these uses of their catalogue”.

But what does Sony Music Entertainment SVP Digital Partner Development Andre Stapleton think about the deal? That’s what you want to know isn’t it? Well, people, we are here to tell you just that. “There is a large global audience for DJ sets and remixes”, notes he, “and we think this agreement will benefit premium music subscribers by bringing more of that content into the product mix for electronic and dance fans”.

He adds: “We have worked closely with Dubset on a deal that not only protects our artists, but also provides us with the tools to harness new revenues for them, while amplifying the popularity of the original master recordings at the same time”.