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Soundcharts adds media monitoring option for tracking artist coverage

By | Published on Thursday 24 October 2019

Music analytics platform Soundcharts has added a new feature called Mentions, which allows you to track online media coverage of artists globally. So, say CMU calls your artist a “fucking idiot”, it’ll pop up in your notifications. To be fair, we don’t do so much of that sort of thing these days. Rest assured though, if it happens, you’ll know about it.

Real-time updates are split into three categories: music media, verified media and unverified sources, and from their you can divide things up further into country, website rank and source type. So that all sounds rather cool. I hope Soundcharts CEO David Weiszfeld doesn’t ruin it all with a robotic quote that reads like it was written by a room full of marketing people all trying to one-up each other.

He says: “Soundcharts was created to be the ultimate source of truth of the industry, making all the music data actionable in a unified platform. Most music professionals are still using a dedicated, usually local-based, media tracking solution. By adding this vertical to Soundcharts, we are allowing them to save money by monitoring these mentions within the same platform they use every day for the rest of their data journey. The addition of Mentions is fully aligned with our mission”.

Jesus Christ. Anyway, you can sign up for this new service now.