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SoundCloud launches new marketing tool for artists

By | Published on Wednesday 13 November 2019


Artists signed up to SoundCloud’s monetisation programme SoundCloud Premier can now use some of that money to promote their music on SoundCloud. It’s the ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiife.

“While there are endless opportunities to get discovered on SoundCloud, you know that you can’t just upload a track and hope for the best; it’s important to actively promote your music”, says the company in a new blog post. “That’s why today we’re introducing a new way for artists to grow their audiences with Promote On SoundCloud”.

The scheme works similar to Facebook advertising. You tell SoundCloud who you want to target your track to and how much you want to spend getting it in front of them. The track will then be boosted up to the top of users’ streams and on their mobile homepages.

Promoted tracks on SoundCloud are not new, but this opens the option up to more musicians. A year ago, the company made its Premier monetisation platform more widely available, bringing in artists on its Pro and Pro Unlimited tiers.