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Spice Girls reunion definitely still on, says Mel B

By | Published on Tuesday 24 July 2018

Spice Girls

So, that Spice Girls reunion you keep banging on about. You know, the one that has been in the pipeline ever since all five members of the one time pop phenomenon got together for a meeting earlier this year.

Will it be a tour? Will it be a record? Will it be a TV show? No one seems that certain, not least the Spice Girls themselves, who have been competing with each other to see who can deliver the most vague statement about what any new reunion might involve.

“We need the girl power message more now than ever”, mused Mel C. “We want to do something for our fans and all the new generation”, added Geri Horner. “I think a few shows would be good”, said Emma Bunton.

But least vague was Victoria Beckham, who seemed to think the meeting itself was the reunion. “There is no tour, no more music from the Spice Girls”, she told Grazia magazine in April. “But it was great getting together with them”.

Though just to be clear, the reunion is definitely on. “For sure, we are getting back together”, said Mel B on telly show ‘Loose Women’ yesterday, adding she was seeing Geri later that day. “We’re sisters at the end of the day and what we went through was quite an amazing, brilliant journey, so we’re together – we’re back together”. Back to the vague then.

Should we assume that the ongoing vagueness about what a Spice Girls reunion might involve is down to Beckham not really being up for it? “There’s one [member] that’s been a bit difficult”, Mel B conceded yesterday. “But she’s getting roped in”.

Hurrah, a big Spice Girls reunion where Beckham is “roped in”. What could possibly go wrong with that?