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SpinMedia announces latest CEO

By | Published on Tuesday 26 August 2014


SpinMedia, the American music and entertainment blog owner known as Buzzmedia before it bought SPIN magazine, has announced Stephen Blackwell as its new CEO, succeeding Dale Strang, who will stay with the company as its Chairman.

In a press statement, Blackwell said: “I am thrilled to lead SpinMedia into an exciting new era. Our audience is young, vibrant and fully engaged in all forms of media and our brands, scale and digital assets have perfectly positioned Spin to capture the benefits of mobile and social growth across the web. Dale built an exceptionally strong and talented team – he will continue to be a valuable resource in our evolution”.

And evolution is what the company will be hoping Presswell will bring. The founder of the Death And Taxes website, he is SpinMedia’s fourth CEO in two years and joins following a restructuring at the company earlier this year designed to pay off debts.

But that’s all behind them now, Blackwell insisted in an interview with Capital, saying: “When I first got to Spin, and I started talking to everybody about [how] we’ve got an incredible brand here and a lot of opportunity for growth, I saw nothing but upside. I started expressing my vision on how we could help the brand grow, and that’s kind of when the conversation started about, well how does the CEO position look to you?”

He added: “The board is committed to a long-term strategy with SpinMedia. They see tremendous value in the brands and the people inside the walls of this company”.

Well, let’s hope so.