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Spinnin Records restructures marketing department, ramps up Web3 activities 

By | Published on Wednesday 1 June 2022

Spinning Records

Warner Music owned dance label Spinnin Records has announced a restructure of its marketing department and an increased focus on Web3 and NFTs, both moves that will allow the label to, and I quote, “remain ahead of the industry’s curve and continue providing [our] roster with unparalleled insight and service”.

The label’s current brand and recording marketing teams will be merged, with Susanne Hazendonk being promoted to the role of VP Of Marketing in order to oversee the combined operations.

Her team will include Clyde Davis as Head Of Digital, Julian Vicari as Head Of Marketing & Socials, Jeroen Linnenbank as Head Of Promo and Lesley Quist as Head Of Creative, plus several execs focused on marketing and/or streaming activities in specific markets, including Tim Condran in the UK, Ranya Khoury in the US, and Sivan Liu and Crysal Du in China.

Confirming all this, the label’s CEO Roger De Graaf says: “Flexibility is key in today’s music industry. By restructuring the focus of Spinnin Records’ collective efforts, I’m confident that we will not only be able to keep up with but continue to predict trends in the global music scene – offering our artists the best experience, service, marketing and promotion along the way. I’m so pleased Suzanne will be stepping up to lead our efforts in this area and put her incredible experience and expertise at the service of our artists”.

Hazendonk herself adds: “Marketing a music label in the modern landscape is both complex and challenging. By restructuring our marketing efforts to closer align our work around artist development, individual music releases and Spinnin Records’ overall brand, we will be able to harness synergies that benefit all of them”.

So that’s all good. But what about the Web3 and NFT nonsense? We were promised Web3 and NFT nonsense! Well, the label also says that it is “increasing its investment of resources into Web3 and NFT business development, led by the launch of Tiësto’s first ever NFT project and other activities in this space. Spearheaded by Steven de Graaf, Spinnin Records’ Commercial Director, the initiative seeks to not only create new opportunities for partnerships and revenue streams, but offer the label’s fans and artists a new world of truly unique experiences”. Good times.

Adds the there mentioned Steven De Graaf: “Spinnin Records has always been fearless in adopting new strategies and technologies. The worlds of Web3 and NFTs are still defining themselves and I can’t wait to explore the possibilities between these burgeoning new spaces and the vibrancy of music, live events and commercial partnerships. These technologies give the Spinnin team new tools to tell the stories of our artists, while building stronger relationships with fans and offering truly unique experiences along the way”.

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