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Spiritualized trick reviewers with unfinished mixes

By | Published on Friday 27 January 2012


Hey you, album reviewer. That copy of the new Spiritualized album you’ve been listening to isn’t even the new Spiritualized album. Well, it is. But it’s not the finished version. Bet you feel silly now. No? Oh, right.

Anyway, new Spiritualized album ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’ was supposed to be released in March, but has just been pushed back because, it turns out, mainman Jason Pierce hasn’t finished mixing it yet. Even though review copies have already been sent out. And, says Pierce, this was his plan all along. He told SPIN: “I had the rather foolish idea last November that I could deliver the record that’s been sent out and keep working on the real version. I’d meet the delivery date they need for reviews and things like that and nobody would be any the wiser that I’d be carrying on with the mixing”.

As for how different the final version will be, Pierce said: “I think it’s quite different. People say that all the little mixing moves I’m doing now are just for myself, but to me they’re no different than the mixing moves I did at the start of the process. Balancing things is what mixing is. Some bits are more realized and closer to what I wanted them to sound like, but I’m in the unenviable position now where the [album] that’s out there isn’t finished”.

He added: “[But] with the reviews, sometimes it’s like they’ve got a different album anyway”.