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Spotify adds gig recommendations, launches charts website

By | Published on Friday 13 November 2015


Spotify has announced a new personalised playlist for its users. Not one containing actual music though, rather a list of recommended gigs to attend.

The new Concerts feature is a slight expansion of Spotify’s ongoing partnership with Songkick. It gives users a central place to find out about upcoming shows by their favourite bands, rather than relying on them remembering to visit specific artist pages.

“We’ve been super impressed with Spotify’s Discover Weekly since it launched in the summer – we can’t wait to be served with equally gnarly recommendations for local shows”, said Songkick. “With 40-50% of concert tickets still going unsold, this is more great news for both artists and fans, as the gap between discovering a new artist and seeing them live gets infinitely smaller”.

Available on Spotify’s iPhone and Android apps, the feature is currently placed in the Browse section, which might mean that no one ever sees it. Take this as a nod to go and seek it out though, cos it’s quite cool.

In other news, Spotify has launched a new charts website, which lists its Top 200 and Viral 50 charts. It looks quite nice, though the big red message shouting that the data is “NOT UP TO DATE” is a bit off-putting.