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Spotify adds new functionality to its in-car listening device

By | Published on Monday 11 April 2022


Spotify last week announced some updates to Car Thing, its proprietary device for in-car listening that is currently only available in the US.

The streaming firm’s first move into hardware began with tests in 2019, before going into pilot mode last year. The device then became properly available for US premium Spotify subscribers back in February.

“Car Thing makes it simpler to play exactly what you want, thanks to the intuitive product interface and the ease of using ‘Hey Spotify’ to control what you want to listen to”, the streaming firm reminded people when announcing the updates last week. “But there’s always room to make a great thing even better, which is why Car Thing has some new updates rolling out this week”.

Among the new features, Car Thing users can now “answer phone calls seamlessly”, “control other media”, “queue additional songs and podcasts”, and “use voice to get a personalised playlist for any mood”.

“Bringing these highly anticipated new features to Car Thing is part of Spotify’s ongoing commitment to building a truly frictionless experience for users across devices”, the announcement went on, “whether in the car, at home, or on the go”.