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Spotify and Apple Music reveal that Drake was popular in 2018

By | Published on Tuesday 4 December 2018


Hey, it’s nearly the end of the year, so it’s time for lists. Spotify and Apple Music have both put their annual stats out, crunching users’ listening data for 2018 before it can be horribly skewed by your insistence on listening to Christmas songs for the whole of December.

Would you like to know what this data crunching discovered? Care to have a guess before I tell you? Yes, you are correct, it found that Drake is really popular. He was the most popular artist in both the UK and worldwide on both services, and scored the most played album – ‘Scorpion’ – and the most played single – ‘God’s Plan’. Apple also named him Artist of The Year, to avoid any risk of anyone talking about anyone else.

Among its various lists, Spotify also includes a list of the genres you’d have been listening to this year if you were just a little bit cooler. The musical styles that saw the biggest growth globally on the streaming service this year were emo rap, lo-fi beats, deep talent show, ringtone and brega funk. Be sure to look out for those in 2019.

There are more of stats, exciting colours and pictures galore in this infographic from Spotify.