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Spotify and FAC to speak at BPI AGM

By | Published on Tuesday 13 August 2013


Reps from both Spotify and the Featured Artists Coalition will speak at the upcoming Annual General Meeting of record label trade body the BPI next month. Perhaps the two guests could respectively bring Daniel Ek and Thom Yorke along with them, and they could have an arm wrestling competition in one of the pods of the London Eye, and settle this artists v Spotify thing once and for all.

Spotify man Kevin Brown will be discussing how the streaming service he represents is also a powerful marketing platform for labels, while former Longpig, prolific songwriter and FAC co-CEO Crispin Hunt will discuss the influence of indie labels in the digital age.

In amongst that lot, BPI reps will talk about how brilliantly British music is doing at the moment, despite the government’s woeful efforts to instigate three-strikes. With Spotify safely in attendance, we reckon Google will be the most bashed digital company of the day. Let’s see, shall we?

This all happens on 4 Sep at the BPI’s County Hall HQ in London town. Kicks off at two, the Ek v Yorke arm wrestle is at 3pm, with the burning of a Google effigy set for 4.45pm.