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Spotify further expands is artist services by acquiring SoundBetter

By | Published on Friday 13 September 2019


Spotify continues to expand its range of tools and services for music-makers and other creators though acquisition. This time it’s bought SoundBetter, a US-based networking platform that seeks to connect artists and labels with vocalists, songwriters, record producers, sound engineers and session musicians.

Celebrating the buy, Spotify cranked up its waffle machine to splurge out the following: “Community. It’s tough to imagine a concept so integral to the career of every artist, manager and label that’s so difficult to crack. The truth is, community doesn’t just happen overnight – it takes time, dedication and work to build a network you can trust with the most important parts of your career”.

By which, it means, artists need collaborators and a creative team, which means finding and hiring the right creative people at the right time. Which is what SoundBetter aims to facilitate as, in Spotify’s words, “the world’s leading music talent marketplace”.

Confirming, in case there was any doubt, that it was “THRILLED” that SoundBetter would now sit under the Spotify For Artists banner, the streaming firm then added: “SoundBetter will continue operating as usual, and, over the coming months, we’ll be investing in making the experience even better”.

“In the meantime”, it went on, “it’s easy to get started on SoundBetter – just visit their site, describe an upcoming project in seconds, get free proposals from top professionals, choose someone to hire and get started”. Lovely stuff.