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Spotify Kids app comes to the UK

By | Published on Wednesday 12 February 2020

Spotify Kids

Spotify has announced that it is making the Spotify Kids app it began testing in Ireland last year available in the UK. The standalone app – aimed at children three and up – is exclusive to Premium Family subscribers.

As you might expect, the app has a more kid-friendly design than its main counterpart. It’s also lacking all the sweary music that you probably don’t want your children listening to. Everything in the app is selected by a team of editors to ensure than nothing slips through the net. Plus there are also stories. Lots and lots of stories. And stories are basically podcasts – aka the “saviour” of audio.

Away from the stuff your children might be interested in, Spotify says that it also ensures that their privacy is protected and – thanks to being premium-only – the app has no adverts.

Spotify’s Chief Premium Business Officer Alex Norström says: “Spotify is committed to giving billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by music and stories and we’re proud that this commitment now includes the next generation of audio listeners. We are excited to be expanding the Spotify Premium Family experience with a dedicated app just for our youngest fans. Spotify Kids is a personalised world bursting with sound, shape and colour, where our young listeners can begin a lifelong love of music and stories”.

The new product is also endorsed by the UK Safer Internet Centre, whose Director Will Gardner adds: “It’s brilliant to have Spotify’s support to make the internet a safe and encouraging place for young people to learn, find their voice, and explore their identities. For many, music is an essential part of self-discovery, so to have a safe space for children to begin this journey is very welcome”.

So, hey, everyone loves it. So that’s all great. I’m still not sure three year olds should really have access to their own dedicated app, but whatever. Apparently asking their parents to select and play appropriate songs that they like is a thing of the past now. It’s apps all the way! This one is still in beta while Spotify continues to work out what’s best for your children, but there are plans to roll it out in other countries over the course of this year.