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Spotify launches discount subscription package for couples

By | Published on Friday 29 March 2019


All the couples out there who had themselves some children just so they could access Spotify’s family plan and save a whole five pounds a month in musical subscription fees, bad news! The streaming firm is now piloting a new discount package that requires no breeding.

The new package is called Premium Duo and is being piloted in five markets, including Ireland. It allows couples to have a joint Spotify account for just €12.49 a month, meaning a €7.50 saving compared to having two separate subscriptions. By comparison, the existing family plan offer is €14.99 a month.

Of course, for all this talk of couples and families, these are really bulk-buy discount packages. So Duo is good for any two users willing to pay together, while the family plan is for up six people, though in theory they must all based in one home.

On the Duo plan, users will also get access to a machine-compiled personalised playlist based on their combined musical tastes. Which sounds terrible, but there you go.

Family plans and such like have helped the streaming services keep premium sign-up rates growing at a rapid pace in recent years. Though – alongside the increased importance of emerging markets where subscription fees are lower – they have also contributed to a decline in the average revenue per user across the market.

Which is something some record label bosses like to get all stressed about at least three times a month. So Premium Duo, woo! More stress, woo!