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Spotify merch sellthrough goes live for all artists

By | Published on Tuesday 21 January 2014

Spotify Artists

A new Spotify feature that first appeared on Led Zeppelin’s much hyped profile on the streaming service – merch sell-through – has now gone live for all artists. In partnership with Topspin, Spotify is now allowing artists to list merchandise next to their music commission-free.

A further effort to placate musicians who feel that Spotify isn’t offering enough in the way of money-making opportunities, this feature is something many have talked about for sometime as an added value service streaming set-ups could offer.

Explains Spotify to artists: “Merchandise listings within Spotify link to your existing merchandise anywhere on the web. That means that you don’t need to change how you sell merchandise, the Spotify listing simply points to your existing store”.

So there are positives and negatives. On the plus side, neither Spotify nor Topspin will take a cut. However, as it’s really just a slightly clunky link through to an artist’s website (or wherever they sell their merch), the number of clicks it takes to complete a sale may mean that conversion rates are lower than hoped. Still, it’s something, eh?