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Spotify revamps gig listings, piloting new community feature

By | Published on Friday 24 June 2022


Spotify yesterday announced a revamp to the way it plugs gigs and shows within its app, with its existing Concert Hub becoming a Live Events Feed.

The streaming firm said in a blog post about the revamp: “The Live Events Feed is our new in-app destination where you can discover all the live events in your local area, personalised to you. We’ve sourced these listings from our ticketing partners – Ticketmaster, AXS, Dice, Eventbrite, See Tickets, and more. Plus, alongside this revamped feed, we’re launching new places within the app to help you stay in the know about upcoming events in your area from the artists you love”.

Expanding on the changes a little, the firm’s Senior Director Of Live Events René Volker added: “We’re also incorporating show discovery into the fan’s listening moment. This means that when our fans are listening to a creator they love and that creator has an upcoming tour date, we’ll be able to show that live event to them, in-app, right while they’re listening. With this feature, we hope to make concert discovery much easier and more seamless for fans, making them aware of relevant shows right when they are at their most engaged”.

So that’s all lovely. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Spotify is also piloting a new feature called Community which will make it easier for users to see what music their friends are listening to and what playlists they’ve recently updated within the streaming platform’s mobile app.

Spotify has dabbled in various ways with adding social media style functionality over the years, although generally it’s not seemed like a top priority – especially in more recent years – and an existing ‘friend activity’ feature is only available on its desktop app. Asked about the new Community feature, Spotify told TechCrunch that is was in an early testing phase, and offered no information on if and when it might be rolled out.