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Spotify rolls out premium plan for couples

By | Published on Thursday 2 July 2020


Spotify has more widely rolled out its subscription tier for couples, which it began piloting in a number of markets last year. It means couples can get a family plan-style discount without having to go to the effort of having children or finding housemates to take up the other four places on their account. They do have to live together though. So, you know, no discounts for casual acquaintances. You either live together or you pay full price, that’s the rule

“Today we are proud to launch Spotify Premium Duo, a first-of-its-kind audio offering for just two people in the same household”, says Alex Norström, Spotify’s Chief Freemium Business Officer. Not really sure why he’s commenting on this, given that it’s only available to premium customers. Bit of an overreach there Alex, mate. Though, I suppose, the ‘mium’ bit of ‘freemium’ is all about the up-sell, so maybe that’s why he’s muscled in on this announcement.

Anyway, whatever, he then explains why Premium Duo is better than a couple just sneakily sharing a single Spotify premium account. With this new package “you can both listen independently, uninterrupted, and get all of your personalised playlists and features tailored just for you. We are THRILLED to bring this unique Spotify Premium plan to even more markets around the world”.

As well as experiencing the joy of being able to have a premium account each for just £12.99 a month, couples signed up to the plan also get a personalised playlist featuring tracks they both love. So all the stuff my wife currently demands that I listen to alone in the attic on headphones will now be pumped direct to her phone. Meanwhile, I get the fruits of her superior taste. It’s a win-win.

I think the only thing that could make this whole Premium Duo roll-out better would be if they’d made a short video featuring puppets acting out interviews with real-life couples to try to flog it. OH MY GOD.