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Spotify takes podcaster analytics platform out of beta

By | Published on Wednesday 14 August 2019


Apple may have finally taken its analytics platform for artists out of beta, but we all know “artists” are very 2017. Who gives a fuck about artists these days? No one. Podcasters, them’s the real stars. And, in a big “fuck you” to its pesky rival, Spotify has just taken out of beta its analytics platform for podcasters, aka Spotify For Podcasters.

“It was built to empower you, the podcast-creating community, to continue innovating and sharing your work with the world”, said Spotify yesterday. To the podcast-creating community, obviously. Any of you artists still tuning in, this isn’t for you. Unless you make a podcast. Go on, do it, get with the moment, make a podcast! And then get ready for the stats to roll on in.

Because with Spotify For Podcasters, you can “dive deep into engagement and demographic data for your podcast, tracking things like average listening times, episode streams, and total listeners”. Why bother? Well, says Spotify, “with so many podcasts out there, it’s more important than ever that you have the data you need to help you understand and grow your audience. That’s exactly what your dashboard is designed to provide”.

So that’s all fun isn’t it? And hey, all you artists out there still not sure whether to make the leap into podcasting… well, here’s a thing – you know how you never get paid enough for your music? Turns out, you don’t get paid at all for your podcasting. It’s so much simpler.