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Spotify triples the number of podcasts it makes about Spotify

By | Published on Wednesday 13 October 2021


Such is Spotify’s commitment to podcasts (and itself) the streaming firm is tripling the number of podcasts it makes about, well, Spotify. Because you can never have too many podcasts about the company whose app you are using to listen to podcasts.

Spotify launched its own Spotify-themed podcast called For The Record in summer 2020. However, it now says, while every Spotify user is super interested in what Spotify has to say, what interests subscribers is different to what interests creators which is different to what interests investor types. Hence the tripling of Spotify’s Spotify-themed podcast output.

From this month, Spotify will present ‘Discover This’, all about new content appearing on the platform; ‘Mic Check’, all about the creators on the platform; and ‘For The Record’, all about the business of Spotify. Lovely stuff.

“We want to tell stories in a way that’s uniquely Spotify and, probably to no one’s surprise, we believe audio provides the perfect medium”, says Spotify’s Head Of Global Communications, Dustee Jenkins. “As a company, we strive to bring creators and fans closer together, and our podcasts further that ambition. By moving from one podcast into three segments with distinct audiences, we can ensure that the stories we’re telling and the topics we’re covering reach the people who care about them the most”.

Sadly, the shows will all be exclusive to the Spotify platform, so you won’t be able to listen to them in a good podcast player.