Spotify USA could launch in July. Or not. Who knows?

By | Published on Friday 17 June 2011


Spotify could launch in the US on 5 Jul, according to the streaming music service’s European General Manager and Global Vice President Of Ad Sales Jonathon Forster. That’s not ‘will’ mind, I said ‘could’. As in ‘probably won’t’.

Of course, with Universal seemingly now on board for a US launch of the streaming service, and with Warner reportedly getting close to singing on the dotted line, everyone is now expecting a summer launch for Spotify USA. Forster told Silicon Valley Watcher earlier this week: “We’re signing the remaining deals as I speak though we won’t launch before 5 Jul”. I’m not quite sure who said they would.

More interesting in Forster’s ramblings, perhaps, is his comments on how the service has been going in France, where their usual strategy of letting word of mouth sell the service failed. Forster explained: “We were puzzled because we knew we had listeners that loved the service but they weren’t sharing that with their friends. We did some interviews and it seems that the French are too cool to tell others”.