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Spotify’s Soundtrap launches editing tool for podcasters

By | Published on Wednesday 15 May 2019


Soundtrap – the music-editing tool acquired by Spotify in 2017 – has launched a new product that will make it easier to edit podcasts. Because, as we all know, in 2019 it’s all about the podcasts. Sorry music makers, you had a good run. We liked your rhyming observations about love and the human condition. For a time. Your funky beats and catchy raps about cars and girls kept us interested. For a while. But now we’re losing interest. Now that we have access to so much badly-edited overly-long inane waffle about football, Brexit and crazy science facts.

But badly-edited no more! Because Spotify – now the app for music AND podcasts, remember (and soon to be the app for podcasts and music, I’m sure) – has launched Soundtrap For Storytellers. What’s that? Well, it’s only “a comprehensive podcast creation tool that offers recording, remote multi-track interviewing with video chat, smart editing of audio as a text document, full audio production, direct-to-Spotify publishing of the podcast, and transcript publishing to optimise SEO all in one service”.

How lovely. And you know what podcasters – sorry, I mean, “storytellers” – will do? They’ll pay £3.50 more a month than musicians to access these wonderful online editing tools. And they won’t constantly moan on about how you’re fucking them over and devaluing their artform and driving them out of business from your gold-plated ivory tower. Hence this exciting new development from Spotify, the app for podcasts (and more podcasts (and yet more podcasts (and maybe the occasional bit of music (but only if made by a podcaster)))).