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SPV allies with The Orchard on digital distribution

By | Published on Wednesday 6 December 2017

The Orchard

Sony Music’s distribution and services business The Orchard yesterday announced one of those worldwide partnerships with German indie label SPV, which is perhaps best known for its metal imprints and output. Under the deal The Orchard will distribute SPV’s catalogue onto all those digital platforms that just won’t go away.

Says The Orchard’s MD for Europe Manlio Celotti: “It is an absolute honour that SPV has chosen The Orchard to handle its digital distribution worldwide and we are excited to be working with Frank’s great team and fantastic artists and catalogue”.

Woah, Manilo, hold your horses there mate. Who the fuck is Frank? You can’t go putting Frank into the conversation before I’ve introduced SPV CEO Frank Uhle to the reader. Don’t you know anything about editorial workflows?

OK people, here is SPV CEO Frank Uhle with some words. “We are excited about the new digital opportunities this co-operation offers us and our labels”, says he. “Alongside The Orchard’s centralised platform and passionate global team, we feel that our catalogue is best positioned for a healthy and prosperous digital future”.

Right, Manilo, I’ve done that now, you can carry on. Hey, here’s a little fun game we can play, see if you can sneak the word “constellation” into your quote, even though that has nothing to do with the story. “I firmly believe that the constellation we have created provides exactly what SPV and their artists need to reach an even wider audience”.

Ha, you did it! Well done, Manilo. Now say something about rocking the digital world and driving growth opportunities. “We look forward”, adds the Orchard boss, “to rocking the digital world and driving growth opportunities for SPV and its artists and labels”. Well done everybody. Though I kinda wrote that last bit for you, didn’t I?