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Steel Panther will personalise songs for cash

By | Published on Wednesday 23 September 2020

Steel Panther

In these strange times, performers are having to find new ways to earn their income. Not quite yet ready to become delivery drivers, Steel Panther are now offering to rewrite any of their songs for anyone who wants it, and who has the cash.

“Do you have a favourite Steel Panther song?”, ask the band. “How cool would it be if you could personalise the lyrics? Even take part in creating a custom version just for you or someone special? Now you can”.

The band explain that “for a limited time (until we can tour again)” they will be offering fans the opportunity to have songs customised to their specifications.

After filling out an initial questionnaire, anyone who stumps up the money will have a Zoom meeting with the band to discuss lyrics further. The band will then pen two versions of the song’s new lyrics for you to choose from, before recording the new vocals and slipping them over the top of the original track.

All of this will cost you just $7500. So yes, it’s not exactly cheap. But if it’s a personalised Steel Panther song you want, that’s the price. This is still an emerging market, so it’s hard to know if it’s a good price or not. It’s a good gauge for any other bands wanting to get in on the action though. I’m already saving up to get Radiohead to re-record ‘Karma Police’ for my cat’s birthday.

Book your custom song and have a listen to an example of what’s on offer from Steel Panther.